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Default TANK007 flashlight Types

In old circumstances, human need to utilize fire around evening time when they are outside. For instance, they need to convey a light with flame inside, or oil light with them when to go out around evening time. It is not hard to picture how badly arranged it was. Till flashlights turned out, human begin to dispose of flame and lamp.

Before LED flashlight, three important flashlight types make their appearance in human's history: halogen flashlight, ordinary flashlight and xenon lamp flashlight (include divided tungsten and xenon HID) and the like.

1, There were a lot of halogen flashlight on the market before LED become popular, now, this type of flashlight is few.

2, Flashlight with incandescent light bulbs and alkaline batteries. This kind of flashlight is shelled with cladding metal and called as the first generation flashlight. They commonly used incandescent bulbs, low luminous efficiency, life is short, easily to burn. Large alkaline batteries with large capacity but life is not long.

3, Xenon flashlight uses incandescent light bulb, but thanks to the xenon, brightness increased a lot, light yellow color. This flashlight is characterized by high brightness, short life (maximum of 40 hours ).

4, LED Flashlight. LED is the "light emitting diode", a lighting tool uses light emitting diode as light source, it has power-saving, durability, brightness and other advantages, is the world's most popular and most promising flashlight. Tank007, a high power flashlight factory, now mainly supply LED flashlights include yellow light flashlight

To judge whether a LED is good or bad, the key point is the light source. In flashlights, the LED bulbs determines the quality and life of the flashlight. So, to choose flashlight, you'd better ask where the LED is from. Now, LED bulbs from USA is the best in the market, therefore, most Tank007 flashlights applies LED bulbs from USA, in order to ensure the flashlights' quality.

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