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Default Hi had my EVO now for two months former I-Phone 4 user

I jumped the Sprint ship at the end of my contract and went to AT&T for the I-Phone 4. I called it the I-Pad Touch with a contract. Very nicely made, very clean but when you dropped call after call or "failed calls" it's not a phone, it's a toy. Dropped the phone and the package back before my 30 days and went back to Sprint for the EVO. Is it a perfect phone? NO! At least I don't drop calls except when the battery dies and that is way too often. I also had the black paint rub off the corner of the phone and red came thorough. I treat this phone like itís an egg and still this happens? I never had the finish rub off the fifty or so cell phones in used in my life. The screen is nice and once you have a 4.3 inch display thereís no going back. The I-Phone 4 screen was a far smoother display and first class. The EVO is nice but could be better. The light leakage at the bottom and uneven lighting tells me they need to find a new screen vendor. Android 2.2 is nice but need lots of polish. The fact that 99% of the apps can not be installed or moved to the SD card is insane. The screen rotating needs to be far smoother. The lack of Android apps from media vendors is anemic. There is an app for the I-phone from everyone and yet Android is left out in the cold. Plenty of silly app stuff but the real meat is reserved for the I-Phone. There is a ton of serious competition and its growing fast. Win 7 OS phones and now the Verizon I-Phone 5 with 4G is going to be a monster. I wonder if they will charge a $10.00 4G service fee when 90% of us hardly see 4G with our phones. Iíll stick it out with my two year contract with this monolith but I guarantee there will be very high tech goodies to choose from by then and HTC and Sprint better get far more serious.
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Default Re: Hi had my EVO now for two months former I-Phone 4 user

I believe you made the right choice with the Evo4G. Time will surely tell as I'm going on three weeks here. I took back the Droid X after 28 days and no regrets here!

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Default Re: Hi had my EVO now for two months former I-Phone 4 user

Greetings and welcome to the best Evo forum on the planet! We have a lot of information available, so take your time, look around and get your bearings, and make sure you read the Forum Rules. This message may seem overwhelming, but trust me, there's some good information here that will save you lots of time looking for answers.

We highly recommend frequent use of the forum's search function to find information that likely already exists. If you have any questions or need info about something, the search box should be your first stop. With over 10,000 registered members, most topics have been well covered. If you have tried searching and still can't find what you need, feel free to PM or email me and I'll do my best to help you find what you are looking for.

We have a large, active membership, and we are quite proud to have each of them, and you, as members. Please remember to treat each other with respect. Differences of opinion are frequent and can be a good thing. Diversity of opinion is a healthy in a large community. Remember that just because someone doesn't agree with you doesn't mean either of you are right or wrong. It just means that you see things differently. Healthy, mature, respectful discussions and debates help everyone learn something new or learn to look at something in a different way.

Here are some link to get you started, in case you haven't seen them already:

Basic Info for new forum members: http://www.evo4gforum.net/htc-evo-4g...forum-members/

Battery FAQ: http://www.evo4gforum.net/htc-evo-4g...s/battery-faq/

How to extend battery life: http://www.evo4gforum.net/htc-evo-4g...-battery-life/

What AppBrain Market is and how to use it: http://www.evo4gforum.net/htc-evo-4g...in-app-market/

Some recommended apps: http://www.evo4gforum.net/htc-evo-4g...android-phone/

Great alternative keyboards:Ultra Keyboard: http://www.evo4gforum.net/htc-evo-4g...rs-and-tappers Shapewriter: http://www.evo4gforum.net/htc-evo-4g...-shapewritter/ and SlideIt: http://www.evo4gforum.net/htc-evo-4g...deit-keyboard/

Why your Bluetooth headset may not work properly: http://www.evo4gforum.net/troublesho...k-with-my-evo/

Recommended music apps music app: http://www.evo4gforum.net/htc-evo-4g-apps/music-player/

Why task killers are bad now: http://wickenden.livejournal.com/940848.html and http://android-developers.blogspot.c...droid-way.html

How to convert movies to mp4 format: http://www.evo4gforum.net/htc-evo-4g...sing-handbrake

How to use mp3s as ringtones/notifications: http://www.evo4gforum.net/htc-evo-4g...-the-defaults/

How to stream music from computer: http://www.evo4gforum.net/htc-evo-4g...-the-computer/

Issues you may have if you use Airave: http://www.evo4gforum.net/troublesho...ws-wrong-city/

How to take screenshots on your Evo: http://www.evo4gforum.net/htc-evo-4g...reen-shot-app/
Got Problems/Questions? Start your search for answers in our FAQ Section


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Default Re: Hi had my EVO now for two months former I-Phone 4 user

The "higher refinement" of OS4 is a matter of perspective. OS4 is a smartphone in a box. It works, it does what it sais it does well, and that's it. I did own a3gs, as far as I've heard there is not much difference with Os4. "Refinement" comes at a cost of a closed OS. You can't mess with it. And that may be a good thing, depending on perspective. I love the ability to setup my phone however I like it. And no, changing wallpaper and moving icons around does not constitute customization. Look for a thread on how do you setup your homescreens for some nice examples. So, from my perspective, android 2.2 is a far more advanced and flexible OS.

And the battery life. I invite you to read the thread on how to extend battery life. Kassy gave you a link above. After moderate use, I still have 20-30% after 17 hrs. Unless your iphone 4 was consistently lasting 2+ days, then it's a moot point .

Btw, welcome. I think you'll find this is more than a suitable replacement for ip4. Do take the time to go through the links kassy gave you, lots of useful info.


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Default Re: Hi had my EVO now for two months former I-Phone 4 user

Welcome to the forum!
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