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Default Broken micro USB port on phone - phone not charging

Originally Posted by drew2state
So my phone simply stopped charging. I took it into the store and they said I must have done something to the charging port and as a result would have to go through insurance. Which means I am out 100 bucks for a phone that is 2 weeks old. This is total BS. Anyone else had similar issues?
My Saturday of ****.

I'm a iPhone/ATT convert; iPhones for three years. I bought two EVOs and two car/home chargers about three weeks ago. One of EVOs quit charging last night.

I looked inside the micro USB port on the phone and could plainly see that the edges of the little plug part in the port were gone and the tips of that little plug were chipped. Either the phone was defective from the beginning or the provided cable tip is defective or the car/home charger cable tip is defective. Seems simple enough; I bought a lemon. It happens.

I went to the only open Sprint store I could find today (Saturday) and was fully expecting to get a replacement phone. The geniuses at Sprint decided I must have inserted the plug in incorrectly or dropped the phone. I explained that this was not the case and even noted that I've been charging various items for about 25 years and have mastered the art. Still I was told that there is no way I'm getting a replacement phone and I would have to go through the insurance company for a small fee of $100. He kept telling me how lucky I am that it would only be $100 for a new $500 phone. I explained to him that a $500 phone shouldn't break in three weeks. He was persistent.

So I call the insurance company and they tell me to download and print a form from their company, fill it out, provide a copy of my drivers license and FAX it to them. FAX!? I haven't owned a fax machine in ten years. I haven't had a land-line in 5 years. Where do I go to fax something.... oh Kinko's.... where's that at?.... Sprint sure is making this difficult.

The guy at the store said I'd have a new phone by Monday afternoon. The insurance witch said I might have it by Thursday if I do everything correctly. Nice.

I asked the Sprint guy if I could buy an extra battery and he actually told me to go to Batteries Plus across the street. Unbelievable. I already know no one is selling after-market batteries in stores yet.

I finally manage to get the manager of the store and at least he sells me an extra battery. I can manage for a week swapping and charging batteries while something happens with the phone. Should be fun.

I'm going to try another store on Monday morning. I know the people there are a little nicer than the phone-Nazis I dealt with today.

I wanted a new phone. I got the run around. I'm a brand new Sprint customer and I already feel I got screwed.


I just found all these people with the same problem. That's all I need. If Sprint doesn't provide a new phone, they can have their EVOs back. Verizon may be my next carrier.

UPDATE: 7-25-10 (Sunday) 9:15am

I just called Sprint customer service and explained my situation in brief. The guy told me that the store should have exchanged the phone and that I should go back and try again. This time if I get any resistance, I should call Sprint customer service directly while at the store and they will instruct the store to replace the phone. They also said that they can file a complaint against the store if there are any problems. This all sounds too easy, but I hope it's true.

I found an open store in the burbs, I'll be calling them in a few hours and hopefully be headed there for a new phone.

I should have called customer service FIRST.

I'll post again this evening.

UPDATE: 7-25-10 (Sunday) 9:20pm

I made it to a corporate Sprint store today. This store was 100% better than the last place I went. This guy told me that they would replace the phone, but they didn't have any in stock. In fact no corporate store in the area had one in stock. He assured me they would be in by Wednesday or Thursday and I only had to call and tell him I was coming in to get one. When the store I originally bought from opens tomorrow, I'm calling them to see if I can get this over with. Hopefully they have one.

Lesson learned. Call Sprint customer service first. I guess if this would have happened after the 30 days, I'd have to go through insurance and pay $100.

I'll post again when I actually get the phone and everything is back to normal.

UPDATE: 7-28-10 (Wednesday)

I've been calling eight Sprint stores everyday, multiple times per day, asking if phones are in stock. They never are. The people must be getting sick of me. I've called customer service at least ten times. Yesterday, after being on the phone with customer service for 30 minutes, the connection was lost. I called back, got someone who was actually helping me, and the call was dropped again. I called back, was put on hold while the rep was calling corporate stores, and the call was dropped AGAIN! I call back AGAIN, get to a rep and the phone reboots itself. Am I getting "Punked" here?

I learned to today that insurance claim phones come from a different "group" and you can get one (usually) in one day. There's a chance it will be a refurb.

I'm at a point now, where I might give my two phones back to Sprint and get a full refund. I've about had it. Is this what Sprint has always been like? The customer service I've experienced in the last five days is by far, the worst I've come across from any mobile provider. I managed to get caught in a perpetual loop of disdain.

My God, I just spent almost $700 on two phones and accessories.


UPDATE: August 3

I sent emails to EVERY Sprint address I could find. I got this back and sent of another email.....
I removed identifying info...

-------------- to me
show details 10:34 AM (6 hours ago)
Mr. --------,

Thank you for contacting Sprint and allowing us to address your concerns.

How did you start your service? Was this in a Sprint store?


-----Original Message-----
7/28/10 7:43 PM

Original Message Follows:
Customer Name: ---------
Sprint PCS Phone Number: -------------
Account Number: ------------
Form: Ask A Question-Manage
Topic: Plans, Features and Services
SUB Topic: General Inquiry
================================================== ===========
Original Question:
Question: I bought two EVOs, two car chargers, three phone cases and one
spare battery. I've spent about $700. One phone works wonderfully, one
won't charge. This is an ongoing problem with the EVO and can be found
online in multiple forums. No one at Sprint will help me get an
exchange. I'm still within 30 days of purchase. NO ONE WILL HELP ME. I'm
posting this horrible experience on five Android/HTC/EVO/Sprint forums.
I will continue updating them until this issue is resolved. If Sprint
refuses to supply an exchanged phone, I wish to be fully refunded of all
monies spent, and I will use the services of another provider.

"I'm a iPhone/ATT convert; iPhones for three years. I bought two EVOs
and two car/home chargers about three weeks ago. One of EVOs quit
charging last night.

I looked inside the micro USB port on the phone and could plainly see
that the edges of the little plug part in the port were gone and the
tips of that little plug were chipped. Either the phone was defective
from the beginning or the provided cable tip is defective or the
car/home charger cable tip is defective. Seems simple enough; I bought a
lemon. It happens.

I went to the only open Sprint store I could fin...
================================================== ===========

This e-mail may contain Sprint Nextel Company proprietary information intended for the sole use of the recipient(s). Any use by others is prohibited. If you are not the intended recipient, please contact the sender and delete all copies of the message.

show details 4:50 PM (0 minutes ago)
Mr. -----,

Thank you for your concern with my problem. I greatly appreciate your time.
I was a loyal AT&T/iPhone customer since it's introduction. Sprint's reputation, prices, and product converted me. If we can resolve this issue, I'm sure to be a loyal and longterm subscriber to Sprint.

Please read this email understanding that I am not writing in an angry manner, but simply stating my experience thus far. This is a synopsis of the last eleven days.

I started my service on July 2 through a corporate Sprint store in Chicago.
July 24 one phone quit charging. I rebooted, swapped chargers, etc. to no avail. I checked multiple EVO forums and found that many people had the same problem at about three weeks of ownership. Everyone was telling the same story. A lucky few were able to get help at the stores.
I went to three stores and each salesperson argued that I had wiggled the cord too hard or dropped my phone, insisting that I had physically damaged it. Again, I bring up the fact that I've been charging smartphones for over three years and mobile phones since the release of the Motorola "brick". I've become quite capable at it. One gentleman even claimed he "ain't never even seen anything like that before".
I gave up on the stores and called Sprint customer service.... about 15 times. I was told so many different things that I've lost track. Every time it seemed I was making progress, it was shot down in the end.
I finally gave up and placed a claim.

Because I could not reach anyone in customer service or at a store that could help me, and because my 30 day return period was coming to an end, I placed a claim through Asurion. I've now paid out $616 for phones and accessories, $256 for my first month's bill (!! why so much?), $50 for a spare battery to keep the phone working, and a $100 deductible to replace a phone I didn't break. That's $1022, and I've had one broken phone since July 24.

Since I already placed a claim, I would love to be reimbursed the cost of the deductible. Can you also tell me why my first bill was $256? I've checked with others that have purchased EVOs with Sprint and their first month bill was for talk-time and data only. Did I get charged an activation fee when others didn't?

Thank you for your interest,


UPDATE: Aug 8, Sunday

No reply from the Sprint rep. No surprise there.
The replacement phone from Asurion is at the FedEx sorting facility. I Should have it tomorrow. It's been a pain in the butt charging 3 batteries from one phone every night. it's been 16 days since this ordeal started.

Way to go Sprint. You've handled this so well.


UPDATE: Aug 10, Tuesday

I got my replacement phone from Asurion yesterday afternoon. I got home and followed the directions to activate it online. That didn't work... of course. I had to call the Sprint activation line. The guy admitted he never activated an EVO before and it took him three tries. I finally had to do it manually on my end. The phone call took 35 minutes.

My phone quit charging on July 24. I got a replacement on August 9. It took 17 days of phone calls, driving to Sprint stores, charging batteries, multiple headaches and an additional $100 to get a working phone.

I feel I got treated unfairly by Sprint throughout this whole thing. Asurion handled their portion just fine. Once I faxed my paperwork to them, everything flowed. It took about a week to get a phone because there were none available. I hope someone can read this and possibly avoid the same pitfalls I encountered.

If anyone hears of some kind of recourse being taken by Sprint customers, like a class-action lawsuit, etc., please post it to this thread, as I will be emailed by the forum.

Oh, and wouldn't you know it.... I think the external speaker on the OTHER phone is blown. It's got a nice crackling sound to it. Yay.

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Default Re: Broken micro USB port on phone - phone not charging

I ran across the same problem after 2 week of owning my EVO. At first I thought maybe its me and I am not plugging my phone on properly or something. But after noticing that I had to wiggle the cable in order for it to charge I took it to the store. I told them what was going on, she came back and said "you have a faulty cable". I asked her to try it with the car charger since it wasn't charging with that as well. The tech and sales rep tried it but no luck getting it to charge. She returned by saying we have ordered you a replacement. Since then my battery life is awesome and no problem charging it. Sprint does say "if not satisfied or happy with your phone with in 30 days of purchase you can return it" I think sometimes the STORES just don't want to do the extra work. So call Sprint if you are not having any luck with the store. Good luck!
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Default Re: Broken micro USB port on phone - phone not charging

I have the same issue...38 days into owning my EVO.

I will post more as it progresses, but to this point, the phone charges intermittently, and the Customer Service operators sent me to a store, who confirmed the loose micro USB port. They said they would replace it with a new one if they had a new one, but they only had refurbs in stock (which they also offered me). They're willingness to replace it led me to believe that HTC has taken responsibility for this issue by this point, but I don't know.

They're going to call me when they have new Evos in stock, but I probably wont' wait for the call. I have a spare battery, but having to swap instead of plugging the phone into charge is kind of a pain, so I'm going to keep pinging them.

I will keep you updated with my findings.

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Default Re: Broken micro USB port on phone - phone not charging

I started having this problem Friday. I just noticed that my phone wasn't charging. I called the local sprint store and told them what was going on and made an appointment to go in. They kept the phone for about an hour and replaced the battery. I took it home that night and same problem, won't charge. So, I called them back saturday(yesterday) and told them I was having the same issue. The lady on the phone was very nice and said she would order me a replacement, which would be about 3-5 days. I've had this phone for about 5 weeks or so. well past the 30 days. I asked her if I could at least get a couple of batteries to last me the 3-5 days I was going to have to wait. She agreed and I went down there and they gave me 2 batteries. One of them doesn't work at all and the other seems to charge just fine, although it took around 6 hours to charge it, even though it showed it was 75% charged already. Another lady also told me that they received an email stating they wouldn't receive any more evo's for at least 2 weeks. Guess I'm stuck waiting!
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Default Re: Broken micro USB port on phone - phone not charging

The Sprint Store called me today, telling me they had an Evo set aside for me. When I got there, I was greeted, told to sit and wait, and waited for all of 30 seconds before the Store Manager called on me. Of course, I was a bit wary...why did they need a Store Manager to transfer a phone to me? My logic said, "It was after the 30 day period, they're going to try to charge me."

He went back to the Service area, asked if they had a new phone set aside for me, and they did. He brought it up to me, switched over my number, printed me a receipt...and thanked me for my business! I stood there for a few moments, mulling over all that I could have said, about how many scenarios I had thought up and dreaded. I realized it was all too much to say at once, so I just said, "Thank you for the great service!".

I left Sprint about 10 years ago, because AT&T had the phone that I wanted, but back then I knew that I was sacrificing some **** good customer service to go to AT&T. I didn't think they'd still have that going for them, after all these years, but I was mistaken. They still know how to take care of their customers.

IMPORTANT NEWS: The Store Manager informed me, during my number transfer, that HTC has listed this problem as covered by their warranty IF the port is faulty, but not if the port is COMPLETELY BROKEN. If you have this problem, this is very important for you to know. If you continue to use the charging port and it breaks completely BEFORE you get to the Sprint Store, they WILL chalk it up to physical damage, and you WILL have to pay something for a replacement ($100 if you have the TEP, and presumably full price otherwise). While they checked my charging port and found it only faulty on my first trip to the Sprint Store, they logged it as faulty, and therefore covered under the HTC warranty, which they honored completely. They didn't even bother to check the port on my second trip to the store; they just swapped my phone.

In other words, if you start to see this problem, get thee to a Sprint Store as soon as humanly possible, and have it logged as a "faulty port" and not a "broken port". ;-)
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Default Re: Broken micro USB port on phone - phone not charging

Good news to know!
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Default Re: Broken micro USB port on phone - phone not charging

Got a call on wednesday from sprint saying my replacement phone was in. GREAT! Went down there and got the phone. Got it home and the 8mp camera is very faulty...all kinds of color leaks in the pictures, and the front camera(1.3mp) wont even come up. So, I took it back down there thursday morning and they swapped it out for another one....that's number 3 but who's counting! This one seems to be working okay except for the notifications bar doesn't seem to want to swipe down. I have to actually do it all manually, ie., press menu and then go to notifications. Anyone had a problem with that? I really miss just swiping down to get to notifications!
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Default Re: Broken micro USB port on phone - phone not charging

I had same issue with my data/charging port...they tried to tell me it was damaged on my part at the local sprint store.

so I called sprint they said or sure we will replace this through won't cost you nothing, you should get a shipping email in 24-72 hrs, 4 days later I were sorry mini port not cover through HTC, It will be $100 dollars through your insurance...I SAID, NO FREAKEN WAY!! ETC.... short story, ..... No $100, They shipped me a replacement.
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Default Re: Broken micro USB port on phone - phone not charging

Wow that is some ordeal. Personally I have had a good experience with sprint and have actually had them take money off two of my bills for different things. I bought a blackberry off them and returned it with no problems. When I bought my first evo it was defective so I returned it within 30 days at Best buy and got a new one a couple weeks later which is a sprint proponent and have the same guidelines for returns as the sprint store. I just hope my micro usb port dosn't do what yours did. Its highly unorthodox that they would have put up so much resistance for your situation, the lady at my local sprint store would have replaced it on the spot no argument with in the 30 days, I guess its just the luck of the draw.
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Default Re: Broken micro USB port on phone - phone not charging

This came out on Engadget today....
"Tis better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt."
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