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Default Re: CM7 kernel recommendations?

I won't use an SBC kernel, even if you can turn it on and off on the fly now. I flashed Tiamat to give that a try. Also doing a battery stat wipe and refresh, but when I rebooted, a bunch of my apps were no longer listed and my widgets were all blank (likely because the corresponding apps weren't registered as being on the phone anymore). This is such a weird thing, its happened quite a bit for some odd reason, no matter the ROM.

I think I'm going to give MIUI ROM another shot, with the Tiamat kernel. *sigh*

Edit: Now that's bizarre. I plugged my USB into the phone to transfer the MIUI file and the phone locked up. I unplugged it, it rebooted, and now all my apps and widgets are back. ROFL Extremely odd, but I think it helped me figure out wtf is going on. I think when my apps are disappearing, its no longer reading the SD card. It seems as though the ones that vanish are the ones that have been moved to my SD card (well most of them, the ones with widgets don't get moved but still seem to wig out). So at least next time it happens, I'll know to try and unmount/remount my card to see if that helps.

Anyway, for now, MIUI is going to have to wait til I see if the new kernel works well with CM7. lol

Edit #2: Ok, 3 hours later and I'm down to 56%. I'd say that's a considerable improvement. If this keeps up, Tiamat will definitely be my go-to kernel.
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