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Default Retrieving Contact because I am a moron.

I doubt this will work but its worth a shot.

I purchased an HTC Evo on launch date. I really only wanted to upgrade to the new blackberry curve a week prior because I hated the trackball on the old. The salesman told me he would cut me a deal on the evo though if I waited a week, and so I sold my old phone to Sprint and got the Evo for 150.00

So during set up, the salesman set up my gmail account on the EVO. he gave me some random login and wrote it and the password down. My contacts were then sync'd to the EVO. and he showed me how to access my contacts on gmails website.

after 3 weeks, I've grown tired of the constant battery drain and miss my plain old curve. so i tried to return the evo for a new curve. the salesman fought me tooth and nail and finally i gave in and said that i would try the battery conservation tips he provided. He said test it for a couple days, and bring it back. If it doesn't workout or if i wanted to, we will exchange it, no questions asked.

Part of his battery conservation tips was to hard reset the Evo to remove any malicious "data files". I had no clue. So in setting up my phone, it asks for me to enter my gmail user name and password. of course I don't remember it. So I call sprint and they say they can't go into the history to see what gmail account i set up. All of the gmail sites require either A. the account name or B. a recovery email, neither of which I have.

So now I'm without my old Curve, and all of my contacts. I have almost 200 contact numbers in there, most of which I won't be able to recover and the rest which will take hours. Is there any possible way to get these contacts back either by getting ahold of google to explain the situation or where sprint can go back into the history of the phone to see what google account was used to set the phone up originally.
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Default Re: Retrieving Contact because I am a moron.

Ok, I'll start with, your salesperson is an ASS! I Googled around and one suggestion is, if you have used your account to email anyone, ask them what your username is and you can go from there.

You also might try, using the recovery process and try your Sprint email address as the recovery address. Your Sprint email address is typically [email protected]. You can find this by going to Menu, Setting, About Phone, Phone Identity.

Perhaps Google can help you if you contact them here:

Good luck, that happened to me when I switched from the Instinct to the Hero. The salesperson never said anything about my contacts. When I got home they weren't on the phone and when I went to Sprints website they were gone. Android phones are incompatible with Sprints online backup feature. Fortunately, I found an old backup file that I had saved!

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If you sync your iPhone with iTunes every once in a while, there’s a strong chance that the last backup that iTunes took of your iPhone has those special data that you want back. In case you regularly backup your iPhone with iTunes, you probably restore contacts on iPhone.
how to retrieve deleted text messages on iPhone
You can try restoring from the latest backup to get the data back. To do this:

Step 1: Connect your iPhone to the computer
Step 2: Open iTunes
Step 3: In iTunes 11, enable the sidebar through View -> Show Sidebar
Step 4: Right-click on your device and press ‘Restore from backup…
Step 5: Choose the latest backup and proceed.
how to recover deleted photos from iPhone

By the time the restore is done, your phone might mostly recover the deleted data you’re looking for.
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If you want to recover contacts from HTC phone, you need to use HTC Data Recovery. It can scan your HTC phone and SD card deeply to find the deleted contacts for you. You can preview them before recovering. Learn how to recover deleted contacts from HTC. Besides contacts, you can also recover messages, photos, videos, call logs, Whatsapp messages, music, books and other document files from your HTC smart phone.
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There is Android data recovery program that allows user to recover contacts from HTC.It has powerful method to detect the deleted/lost data from Android and then recover them on computer.
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To recover contacts from HTC,you could use Android data recovery program.It is designed to recover files from Android device.You can use is without any hassle.
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