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Default Anyone play Alchemy ?

Alchemy for those who haven't played it is a game where you take simple elements like Earth, Fire, Air, and Water to combine them and create a new element such as Fire and Water make Steam. There's like 390 combinations I'm currently on 131. It's pretty fun to find a new element. Below is a cheat sheet for those who wanna peek ....

1up = life mushroom
christmas tree = tree lightbulb
frankenstein = corpse electricty
kama sutra = book sex
molotov cocktail = fire alcohol
petri dish = glass bacteria
pinnocchio = wood life
twilight saga = vampire werewolf
vw beetle = car beetle

alcohol = fire water
alcoholic = beer man
algae = life water
arable = earth tool
arms = metal tool
ash = book fire
ashtray = ash glass
assassin = man poisoned weapons

bacteria = life swamp
barbeque = fire meat
bat = bird vampire
beach = water sand
bear = beast forest
beast = earth lizard
beaver = dam beast
beer = alcohol wheat
beetle = earth worm
bicycle = wheel wheel
bird = air egg
bitumen = kerogen pressure
blood = beast hunter
boat = water wood
boiler = metal steam
book = feather paper
bread = dough fire
brick = clay fire
brick house = brick concrete
butterfly = air worm

car = cart combustion engine
caramel = sugar fire
cart = wheel wood
caviar = fish fish
cement = clay limestone
cemetery = grave grave
ceramics = clay man
chariot = warrior cart
cheese = quark (cheese) fire
chicken = egg life
cigarettes = paper tobacco
city = skyscraper skyscraper
clay = sand swamp
cloth = tool wood
clothing = cloth man
coal = fire wood
coffin = corpse wood
combustion engine = steam engine gasoline
concrete = cement water
corpse = man poison

dam = brick water
diamond = uncut diamond tool
dinosaur = earth egg
dirt = dust water
dough = flour water
dragon = fire flying dinosaur
dust = air earth

ectoplasm = ghost energy
egg = turtle turtle
electric eel = snake electricity
electric ray = fish electricity
electricity = energy metal
energy = air fire
explosion = gunpowder fire

farmer = man seed
fat = man pig
feather = bird hunter
fern = moss swamp
fire = stone stone
fire elemental = fire life
firearms = arms gunpowder
firefly = lght beetle
fish = snake water
fisherman = hunter fish
flour = stone wheat
flu = air bacteria
flying dinosaur = air dinosaur
fondue = cheese fire
forest = grove grove
fossil = dinosaur earth
frog = lizard swamp

gasoline = petroleum pressure
geyser = steam earth
ghost = fire walking tree
glass = fire sand
golem = clay life
grass = earth moss
grave = earth corpse
grove = tree tree
gunpowder = dust fire

hen coop = chicken hut
hero = dragon warrior
hospital = brick house sick
hunter = arms man
hut = man stone
hydrogen = water electricity

idea = man light bulb
iodine = algae fire

kerogen = fossil pressure
knife = meat tool

lamp = fire glass
lava = earth fire
lava golem = lava life
leech = blood worm
library = book book
lichen = mushroom algae
life = energy swamp
light = electricity light bulb
light bulb = electricity glass
lime = fire limestone
limestone = shells stone
livestock = beast man
lizard = snake worm
locomotive = cart steam engine

man = golem life
manure = grass livestock
meat = beast hunter
metal = fire stone
metal golem = life metal
milk = grass livestock
mite = life dust
mold = mushroom dirt
moss = swamp algae
motorboat = boat combustion engine
motorcycle = bicycle combustion engine
museum = brick house fossil
mushroom = earth algae

omelette = egg fire
oxygen = water electricity

panda = tree beast
paper = reed tool
pearl = sand shells
peat = swamp tree
penicillin = mold scientist
petroleum = bitumen pressure
pheonix = bird fire
pig = dirt livestock
pillow = cloth feather
plankton = bacteria water
pleiosaur = dinosaur water
poison = mushroom tool
poisoned weapons = arms poison
pressure = earth earth
oxyhydrogen = oxygen hydrogen

quark (cheese) = soured milk fire
R: reed = grass swamp
rust = water metal

sailboat = boat cloth s
ailing ship = coth wooden ship
sailor = boat man
salamander = fire lizard
saltpeter = limestone manure
sand = stone water
sandwich = meat bread
scarab = beetle manure
scientist = library man
scorpion = beetle sand
seed = life sand
sex = man man
shells = plankton stone
sick = man flu
skyscraper = brick house glass
smoke = fire tobacco
snail = shells worm
snake = swamp worm
sniper = assassin firearms
soap = ash fat
soured milk = milk yogurt
spinning wheel = wheel wool
stake = wood knife
steam = lava golem water
steam engine = boiler coal
steamer = steam engine wooden ship
stone = lava golem water
storm = air energy
sugar = lime reed
sulfur = bacteria swamp
sushi = fish algae
swamp = earth water
sweater = yarn tool

team = beast cart
tequila = alcohol worm
thunderbird = bird storm
thunderstorm = storm electricity
tobacco = fire grass
tool = man metal
tree = earth seed
turtle = egg sand
typhoon = storm water

uncut diamond = coal pressure
undead = corpse zombie

vampire = blood man
vodka = alcohol water
volcano = lava pressure
vulture = corpse bird

walking tree = tree life
warrior = arms hunter
weevil = flour beetle
werewolf = beast vampire
whale = fish plankton
wheat = arable seed
wheel = tool wood
whey = soured milk fire
wood = tool tree
wooden ship = boat wood
wool = beast hunter
worm = earth plankton

yarn = spinning wheel wool
yogurt = bacteria milk

zombie = corpse life
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Default Re: Re: Anyone play Alchemy ?

I get different combs than yours ,Like for instance I get -
cart = box ,wheels.
caviar = eggs ,fish.
Bat = rat, wings .
Blood = liquid , life.

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Default Re: Anyone play Alchemy ?

There's more than one way to get a lot of the elements. I used to play this all the time, but I got to a certain point where it was just too frustrating trying to find a new element!
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Default Re: Re: Anyone play Alchemy ?

Yeah,still kinda fun to see what others come up with.

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