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Default Seidio Innocase Active review for the EVO 3D

Seidio send me a free case to review

I previously had an Innocase Active case on my EVO 4G which I loved. So I knew I would love the one for the EVO 3D. Best phone put there and best case for the phone. The Innocase Active comes in 2 parts a black silicone cover and then a hard plastic that goes over the silicone. Comes in several colors and Purple is my favorite which I had on my 4G.

First you put on the black silicone which feels nice in your hand. There is an opening for the 2D/3D slider switch and the camera button is covered which is nice. Very easy to turn volume up and down on the sides. Top of the phone has an opening for a headphone jack and it's very easy to turn the phone on and off the power button is not hard to push like on some cases. Cut out on the side of course to charge the phone. The black silicone does attract a little lint and dust but I just wipe it off it's not that big of a deal to me and wouldn't stop me from getting this case. This covers your whole phone from top to bottom which is what I like. Some cases have open spots across the front on the top and bottom and this covers it all nicely all around the front of the phone.

After the black silicone is on there is a hard shell that fits over the black silicone. It snaps on each corner and on the sides of the phone to protect your phone quit well. For some reason I just love the feel of this in my hand. It doesn't make the phone to bulky looking or big feeling. It has a nice grip on the sides and feels great when holding in my hand. I think it's easier to text ,email or surf the web holding the phone with the case on. Just feels really nice in the hand and isn't too heavy feeling. Camera is exposed in the back but the case is lifted up in the back where the camera is so laying it on it's back won't hurt the camera.

I highly recommend this case for your EVO 3D and can tell you it will protect your phone well. I dropped my EVO 4G once with the Active case on it and my phone was fine not one messed up spot on my phone. I don't have any cons about this case except the little but of dust and lint I wipe off of the black silicone. Other than that I think this case is great and protects your phone really well and feels great in the hand while talking surfing the web or doing whatever it is your doing on your phone. I used all Seidio on my last phone and will continue to buy Siedio products. They stand behind there products and if there is a problem they will take care of it for you.
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Default Re: Seidio Innocase Active review for the EVO 3D

Photo or link please.
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Default Re: Seidio Innocase Active review for the EVO 3D

From your description the Innocase Active sounds identical to the Otterbox Commuter case (which I have).

I took a look online and the two cases are very similar, although I think the Otterbox is a little more protective because the hard plastic covers the silicone on the majority of the sides rather than just a portion of the middle of the sides (at least that's how it looks in the pictures). In my opinion the Otterbox Commuter looks just a little sleaker than the Innocase Active.

I think either case is a good choice. I didn't pick the Otterbox Commuter case, I just told the sales person to give me a case to protect the phone until such time as I can find a case that I really want. I was used to the body glove case on my EVO 4G. Unfortunately, the body glove case for the 3D does not appear to offer the same protection as the 4G version. So, until somthing better comes along that offers a reasonable amount of protection but still passes the jeans pocket test, I'm satisfied with the Otterbox Commuter Case. Had the sales person picked the Innocase Active instead, I would have probably been satisfied with that case as well.

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Default Re: Seidio Innocase Active review for the EVO 3D

Here is a link to the case. I didn't get it at the Sprint store Seidio sent it to me for free to review it. I had the 4G version and I loved it. I just like the way it feels in my hand when I am holding the phone and I think it protects well. I dropped my 4G on the concrete and it was fine. Only damage was the side of my case got scratched up a little and some purple scraped off and you could see black. I have never used Otterbox but I really like the Sedio Active. Here is the link the cases are now being shipped. Sprint had the body glove with the stand but it didn't cover the whole phone in the front. The top and bottom were open and I don't like cases like that.

My friend got to review the Convert combo with the holster and keep it and he loves it. It's more big and a case for a guy.
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