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: HTC Evo 4G Troubleshooting, Tips and Tricks

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  1. Wifi connected but does not work??
  2. Question ?
  3. Removing Contacts from SD Card
  4. viewing https websites
  5. Anyone having this problem with wifi tether from sprint
  6. [RESOLVED]: Saving Google addresses as a contact
  7. Facebook coontact images
  8. Aggregating email accounts & deleting multiple emails??
  9. Help!
  10. Sprint TV
  11. Exporting Pics/Contacts/Music to EVO from Blackberryies
  12. adding email folders
  13. Facebook App Icon
  14. New Text Message shows all GMAIL Contacts
  15. facebook friends stream problems
  16. Facebook Syncing Issues
  17. Question about Contacts
  18. [RESOLVED]: No 4g on new phones!!!!
  19. Send entire contact list at once via bluetooth
  20. [RESOLVED]: How to change my name where it says "this phone belongs to" on the unlock screen
  21. Facebook Contacts
  22. Delete folders on desktop
  23. Google contacts sync problem
  24. video chat
  25. Prevent Profile Picture from Automatically Updating to FB picture
  26. MOVED: Ear speaker issues
  27. [RESOLVED]: Ear speaker issues
  28. Can't use my EVO as USB Drive
  29. [RESOLVED]: Question about the Clock/weather widget
  30. Voicemail not heard on my Motoraola headset
  31. editing a single event in a calendar series
  32. HELP! Help
  33. Have seen a lot of complaints for searching contacts, a solution that works
  34. [RESOLVED]: Just bought a 16GB MicroSDHC card and have a Mac, now what....
  35. [RESOLVED]: removing items from the pdf viewer.
  36. Calendar Alarm
  37. [RESOLVED]: Data Call Failure?!?!?!?!?
  38. Assigning multiple ringtones per person, phone droid/handcent
  39. help brand new user
  40. Trouble opening .tif files....please help...
  41. Market Downloads
  42. Headphone jack not working with Desktop speakers
  43. Trouble connecting to MAC WiFi network
  44. Setting an end date for repeat on calendar??
  45. GPS doesnt work.
  47. Widgets not working
  48. Disk is write protected
  49. Any way to change keypad touch tones?
  50. Google Talk and Friend Notifications
  51. hot battery
  52. MOVED: SNesoid
  53. [RESOLVED]: Stop Ringing and Send to Voicemail...[RESOLVED]
  54. MOVED: Rooted free tethering no longer working...
  55. how to delete mp3's? both transferred by bluetooth and preinstalled [RESOLVED]
  56. How to stop looking for signal
  57. [RESOLVED]: keyboard is missing
  58. How do you pull up active calls?
  59. How do you turn an email account off? [RESOLVED]
  60. Evo Stopped Charging!!??
  61. Jawbone PRIME does not activate voice dialing or get voicemail on EVO any ideas?
  63. Video Chat (Fring and Qik)
  64. Music and ringtones
  65. 4G and WiFi Issues
  66. Can I change the app name?
  67. shutting down/closing internet
  68. MOVED: Wallpaper
  69. My email doesn't update :(
  70. MOVED: how to root 1.47.651.1 ?!? help!!
  71. phone shuts off HELP
  72. Evo Clipboard cut and paste [RESOLVED]
  73. EVO GPS and Mexico?
  74. How can I resize pictures to send via text?
  75. 4G & Bluetooth Radio! Better reception?
  76. Incomming calls have wrong picture and dont list phone number
  77. How to set up email
  78. Goodwill Games 1990!?
  79. factory android wallpapers gone
  80. Color themes
  81. Double notifications from both Handcent
  82. MOVED: help with pandahome/themes
  83. How to stop text msg ringer from going off during calls
  84. Screen sleep mode
  85. Disable google talk?
  86. ringtones not working anymore....
  88. Audio troubles with video files
  89. Contact ringers not working?
  90. accidentally wiped my favorites (contacts) away
  91. Calendar(s) Questions
  92. all text messages automatically deleted.
  93. Gmail issues
  94. Battery not charging?
  95. stuck on startup screen
  96. How do i remove the 9 dot screen lock?
  97. AOL mail - sending problem
  98. scratched screen
  99. Me picture in Text mess
  100. I can no longer select smileys
  101. How to share a picture of my EVO screen on this message board?
  102. going back from 1.47.651.1 to 1.32.651.1
  103. this maybe crazy Boot a PC using the EVO and its SD card?
  105. Incoming call problem?
  106. How do I install Russian language?
  107. Battery must be running when phone is OFF? Phone Dead in the morning.
  108. Compass not very accurate
  109. Phone calls
  110. Dialing Imbedded Numbers?
  111. Area Code and People Syncing
  112. How to assign default application for file types?
  113. new ota update broke my root... help!!!
  114. Calendar Notifications
  115. Google Maps Issue after Software update
  116. Facebook help
  117. PLEASE HELP! sound thru usb?
  118. Auto updating for Email and Facebook question
  119. Keyboard flip issues
  120. [RESOLVED]: Unique ringtone killer
  121. MOVED: How to save your slide show photos you receive as SMS/MMS messages!!!
  122. How to save your slide show photos you receive as SMS/MMS messages!!!
  123. Setting Your Own Wallpaper
  124. how to transfer .pdb ringtones from treo to evo
  125. How to set exchange out of office on EVO?
  126. I'm locked out of my phone!!!
  127. Does Evo Do OWA email?
  128. Used search, and couldnt find....
  129. WiFi questions
  130. Audio and video not syncing on sprint tv or web browser
  131. Speakerphone on all the time
  132. [RESOLVED]: Duplicate Entries in Calendar
  133. Formatting SD Card
  134. [RESOLVED]: Speed Dial on Desktop?
  135. problem with the purchase of SNES Emulator (snesoid)
  136. YouTube not syncing since recent update
  137. Launcher error
  138. MOVED: Problems sending pics...
  139. Problems sending pics...
  141. Text Ringtone.....
  142. Can't get my computers to see my Evo as a mobile hotspot
  143. [GUIDE] Ripping YouTube Videos for offline playback on your EVO
  144. Retrieving Contact because I am a moron.
  145. SD memory card "intermittent" issue. It doesnt recognize SOMETIMES
  146. Phone restarts when trying to video chat
  147. Contact widget help
  148. How do I get my Evo to recognize phone numbers separated by periods?
  149. UConnect reading Contacts
  150. How can I watch TV
  151. Can't flip orientation in some screens?
  152. 6 rings before I start hearing it ring
  153. 4G NOT working on rooted phone. #2
  154. How do you edit the order of the favorites list?
  155. making HD videos
  156. Charging Question
  157. Friend Stream App/Facebook App issue after 1.47.651.1 update 06/28
  158. disappearing memory
  159. music plays after every visible voicemail...
  160. leaving phone on when im sleeping
  161. Newb Question
  162. Video as caller ID?
  163. Anyway to make photo folders?
  164. Send bigger mms files?
  165. Seems like a stupid question but...
  166. how to set browser to run as a desktop?
  167. sync hotmail accounts
  168. bluetooth?
  169. Flash Player
  170. make a playlist?
  171. Media player going crazy
  172. [RESOLVED]: Can't send video via text message
  173. Camera wont focus
  174. Help with video files.
  175. Grooveshark non mobile! >:(
  176. Enough with QIK, anything else I can use FREE?
  177. Qik & Fring Won't Work
  178. Can you play Spades on Pogo with the HTC Evo?
  179. PrinterShare - Not able to print
  180. How do I setup the Sprint Hotspot? I keep getting a error message
  181. Moving pics and vids
  182. Seeing home cameras
  183. Auto Answer on unlocking
  184. Remove battery icon?
  185. How do I change video orientation?
  186. Music PLayer question
  187. Update Text Message FB Images
  188. Is there a notification reminder for messages?
  189. A couple of questions
  190. Text message acting up.....
  191. camera and camcorder stopped working
  193. Picture organizing
  194. picture text messaging
  195. Wallpaper not loading
  196. Must Read! Google talk may be draining battery
  197. modify HOSTS file without rooting ???
  198. need help with video with no audio
  199. how do I get my yahoo contacts on evo
  200. Newby - With Simple Questions
  201. Did Sprint block tethering?
  202. New Folder
  203. Force Close
  204. Media Volume
  205. assigning photos to contacts
  206. Facebook And People(contacts)
  207. Saving Pictures
  208. evo will not recogmize wifi
  209. Phone Problems and Apps
  210. Can't Mount As Disk
  211. Screen shots: howto?
  212. voice search starts up when texting in landscape mode
  213. Battery life / CPU sleeping and Qik
  214. audio
  215. cant install newer version of qik
  216. Deleting email from phone and computer
  217. Can I backup icons, widgets, etc. from my home screens?
  218. [RESOLVED]: HTC Sense crashed today
  219. My Evo camera stops working
  220. Downloaded Ringtone Help
  221. I'm not getting email notifications anymore
  222. Phone dialer volume
  223. gmail and the evo mail client
  224. Question about lock screen
  225. Google sync eating battery
  226. Best calendar app
  227. Problems with texting please help!!
  228. Apps to sd card
  229. Problems with caller id picture
  230. videos transfered from Instinct - NO AUDIO!!
  231. Email photo....not attaching
  232. [RESOLVED]: Weather is stuck on one city
  233. How do I Fix These?
  234. caller id and state notification
  235. forwarded calls id?
  236. how to save email
  237. Evo Won't Turn Off
  238. How do i change my email notification tone?
  239. Dialer volume
  240. In Car Charging Problems
  241. Voice Dialer automatically starting? Solution Found!
  242. [RESOLVED]: Bluetooth Headset not picking up incoming calls?
  243. Recurring Reminders and Alarms not recurring...
  244. Outlook outgoing not working...
  245. When will HTC fix the delay in the touch interface
  246. EVO wont stay connected to 4g signal
  247. My Evo restarts every 5 minutes...HELP
  248. addressing emails in gmail
  249. Call Screen
  250. How Do I Remove Screen Lock