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: HTC Evo 4G Troubleshooting, Tips and Tricks

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  1. visual voicemail isnt working
  2. HTC Sense has stopped unexpectely....Forced Close
  3. Infinite loop during boot
  4. Yahoo Music Volume Slider
  5. SCREENSHOTS Print screen--> Drocap2????
  6. Scan and Fix phone
  7. How to assign image to a folder instead of name?
  8. Roaming Only
  9. making a specific voice mail notifier
  10. [RESOLVED]: How to backup contacts (transfer from phone to google)
  11. MOVED: Rooting question
  12. capacitive buttons stay lit when screen is off
  13. How to make a folder for, ahem, private pictures?
  14. HELP "Rooted" EVO !!!!!
  15. Combine Music/Ringtones with Gallery
  16. Where is the Inbox?
  17. 3G not working intermittently
  18. Voicemail security and Password
  19. Can the call time be displayed?
  20. most calls in go to voicemail
  21. How to send attachements
  22. How to clear searches in Market
  23. Opening more windows
  24. Voicedial on bluetooth earpiece??
  25. Navigator instructions thru Bluetooth
  26. Making "Favorites" Wider
  27. [RESOLVED]: Getting phone to vibrate for messages????
  28. How to set a pic as wallpaper without having to crop it!
  29. Deleting search history
  30. How to See 15 apps instead of 6
  31. viewing word files
  32. VoiceCommands not woking?
  33. screen keeps changeing fliping up and down.
  34. Damaged SD Card!
  35. Bluetooth HID Profile
  36. A good place to start
  37. Movie Conversion: Instructions for using Handbrake
  38. how to select mulitiple emails to....
  39. Showing your current speed while using Google or Sprint Navigation
  40. Pages stop loading
  41. FORD Sync problem. It will not find the truck, just keeps searching
  42. How to sync contacts from Sidekick?
  43. Music randomly, yeah.
  44. Is it possible to put iTunes bought tv shows on EVO
  45. Play mp3 link from browser?
  46. What is HTC Checkin Service and why is it always running, a lot?
  47. No Flash Lite after Hard Reset
  48. Battery getting worse every day
  49. Voicemail
  50. Internet Browser
  51. Naming a folder??
  52. Trying to get contacts off of my Touch Pro...
  53. How to refresh on website pages...
  54. Any suggestions......???
  55. Evo movies and DVD software?
  56. need some help with volume adjustment key sound
  57. Is it possible to clear one entry on phone log?
  58. TV out For Sprint TV an other APPs
  59. Placing items in folders?
  60. How can I UNINSTALL the facebook app?
  61. Bluetooth headset diverts to phone randomly (or maybe predictable?)
  62. Google Calendar Sync??
  63. Managing Email
  65. Phone rings but.....
  66. Missing one Facebook contact in People
  67. Is There a Way To Set B-Day Notifications In Contacts?
  68. Working full Flash (not flash lite) without using froyo!!!!
  69. Built in News App
  70. 4G Widget without HTC Sense?
  71. Printing apps?
  72. Any Printing apps out there?
  73. People Widget
  74. youtube application
  75. Facebook profile pics not updating in contacts...
  76. Online streaming music
  77. IMAP does not sync for Sent folder & BCC problem
  78. Road runner time warner pop email problems.
  79. How do you paste into the "phone keypad"?
  80. Need some help with the facebook app!!!
  81. EVO not playing videos
  83. internet browser: using a slide bar on a website to pick a number.
  84. need help getting videos on evo
  85. MOVED: SWYPE Beta
  86. Problem with Flash and Cookies?
  87. My Internal Storage Ran Out!!!
  88. Update Contact with Facebook
  89. Button configuration on phone screen
  90. Hotspot Problem
  91. Wondering if there is a way to......
  92. SD Card issues. Removing music and files, but no space clearing
  93. Outlook Calender quesiton
  94. OS Crashed? I Can receive a call, but nothing else.
  95. Sync Outlook Email
  96. Display Timeout while charging.
  97. My Evo is running really slow, I reset it and it still is lagging!
  98. Download History?
  99. How do I Uninstall Swype...
  100. Questions about contacts using gmail
  101. Using 3rd party apps how to make phone stop vibrating 3-4 times on text?
  102. Deleting a picture...
  103. Connecting via Bluetooth....
  104. [RESOLVED]: How do I add an extension to a phone number?
  105. I hate Peep!
  106. need some help with voice dial
  107. How to save pictured
  108. Alarm sounds ?
  109. Remove text below icons?
  110. How do you download bookmarks from a Mac?
  111. Trouble syncing photos with picasa
  112. Connecting to email
  113. Fring sticks all my contacts on MSN
  114. Fring sticks all my contacts on MSN
  115. evo 4g marketplace
  116. changing the order of friends groups
  117. How to get stop the screen from timing out during a phone call ...
  118. Would Like Help with contacts pic and text entry
  119. Unable to set up IMAP email from Google Apps email
  120. Contact Images
  121. MOVED: Notes app palm and desktop?
  122. speed dial app? vs keypad
  123. Uninvited powersucking apps turning on by themselves
  124. cant get favorites widget back
  125. Text message time funk
  126. Bluetooth Headphones not working with Meridian Music
  127. Only way im getting email is to refresh........
  128. Import digital movie copies to EVO?
  129. All Downloads Icon in Gallery
  130. mobile hotspot not working...
  131. Text Messaging Questions
  132. Music / iTunes
  133. Videos
  134. Deleted GPS icon
  135. Album
  136. Create different pic albums
  137. Need a good ringtone app that is more tones than songs..HELP!
  138. How can i sync my Ical?
  139. Can not sync EVO to XP
  140. Can't locate my bluetooth!
  141. Issue with front-facing camera
  142. Controlling EVO via Car Stereo?
  143. Exchange Contact Subfolders Not syncing
  144. Deleting Apps
  146. justin tv?
  147. video autofocus not continuous?
  148. Ugh SMS is tarting to P**S ME OFF!
  149. how to save contacts list from yahoo mail?
  150. How to play a movie from iTunes
  151. how do I download you tube videos??
  152. How do you send a video from your evo to facebook?
  153. HTC Clock/Weather, can't set current location??????
  154. How to delete a bookmark
  155. Visual Voicemail
  156. Newbie biting nails...
  157. How do I access my Ymail account?
  158. How to change lock screen text "Sprint"
  159. AUX input to car stereo problems
  160. EVO refusing to boot from power down
  161. yahoo messenger??????'s
  162. Does SD Card come with the evo?
  163. Call Waiting
  164. Turning off / disabling Voice Dial...
  165. Built-in Alarm App very buggy!
  166. Desktop Mode
  167. ALL APP screen has lost 80% of icons
  168. scroll bar in browser
  169. Synch updated Facebook pics with Contacts
  170. Clock/Weather widget questions/issues
  171. Touch screen problems?
  172. Newbie Question, hope you guys don't mind.
  173. Music and voicemail through jawbone icon?
  174. help! accelerometer issue!
  175. Tethering to a Mac running 10.4 ??
  176. Reply to emails
  177. Tasks that keep running, how to turn them off?
  178. Problem with searching
  179. Can't unistall applications
  180. How do you switch from front camera to back using fring
  181. Search Phone Function
  182. Folders in Yahoo! mail
  183. Speakerphone
  184. Gmail issue...Please help!!
  185. Pausing problems with iHeart Radio
  186. Get Disconnected from the net when on a call? wtf!?
  187. How do i transfer info from my old micro sd to new one in Evo4G?
  188. Alarm? Not working consistantly
  189. can i download my music libary from pc to the evo
  190. HDMI restarts / crashes the Evo
  191. myxer download trouble
  192. Using Car Stereo as a Speaker Phone
  193. Exchange causing reboot
  194. I can't figure this out...please help!
  195. Google loading in French
  196. Gmail contacts/email addresses gone baby GONE. Loving my EVO otherwise Lol
  197. My Gmail contacts are gone! Other than that, I love my Evo! Lol
  198. Want to perfect the way to use qik, practice anyone?
  199. How to put Emulators and ROMS on the EVO
  200. wifi stuck on "obtaining IP address"
  201. I want html email on exchange (message format is currently plain text)
  202. Set the EVO to prefer 3g over 4g?
  203. Is there a way to screen capture on this phone?
  204. How to get your Facebook Birthdays off your calendar
  205. Can't mount as disk drive
  206. Gallery as Screen Saver
  207. How do I see a battery meter that tells me a percentage?
  208. HTC Mail app vs Gmail App
  209. Can't connect to cisco vpn with Android?
  210. Overheating
  211. Trouble with Icon Pack
  212. accessing SD card
  213. Picture Gallery Refreshing
  214. echo with fring
  215. [RESOLVED]: Syncing personal contacts and music + HTC Sync
  216. Customize Alarm Clock Sounds?
  217. Trouble seeing my ip camera video
  218. backup the phone
  219. Editing Quoted text in forwarded or replied to emails
  220. Disable scrolling wallpaper?
  221. How do I create new screens?
  222. Google Maps Pinch to Zoom Acting strange
  223. how do i
  224. How do I bring my music album covers?
  225. wifi slow speed on a fast wifi network?
  226. Notifications Vibrate
  227. Evo constantly restarting on its own
  228. How do I get phonebook contacts to be Last, First?
  229. How do i end tasks?
  230. How Do I Forward A SMS?
  231. Ringtones via text msg link?
  232. My menu layout completely changed to the layout from nexus one?
  233. NO VIDEO, only sound
  234. 4G
  235. Is there a Delete shortcut while viewing an email
  236. Text notification wont go away
  237. Lost download
  238. Adding Pictures and Videos to the HTC Evo?
  239. USB Tethering Question
  240. changing the order of/deleting the home screens.
  241. Set up email successfully but not receiving incoming emails :(
  242. Importing Contacts via CSV format from Outlook>Gmail
  244. Trouble with HTC Sync on my work computer
  245. Cant touch this!
  246. home screen button
  247. [RESOLVED]: Sounds and Display options LOCKED... well, half of them...
  248. Contacts STORAGE?!
  249. How to Look at your gallery in grid view
  250. 20 tips to improve battery life on the EVO