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: HTC Evo 4G Troubleshooting, Tips and Tricks

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  1. Google sky map using up battery while not running
  2. My Picture on Text Message
  3. contact groups and text msg's
  4. BT Contact Syncing
  5. What site are YOU downloading videos/movies from..if U can?????
  6. screen won't sleep while charging
  7. How to stop accidental answering the phone while removing it from case.
  8. easier way to install apps from your computer and more
  9. Exporting Contacts from Palm Pre
  10. How do I.....
  11. app question...
  12. Video chat from Evo to a PC
  13. Supported Video Formats?
  14. [RESOLVED]: Comcast email trouble
  15. Calendar Appt Every Other Week
  16. [RESOLVED]: Text Message with Pic Showing as Slideshow
  17. LED Light App for Recording Video
  18. can i edit calendar fields in landscape mode?
  19. GPS Crashes All Navigation Apps like GoogleMaps, Sprint Nav and More
  20. 4g toggle switch
  21. Download (save) pictures from facebook to evo
  22. How do you choose a contact's specific # when adding them to a group?
  23. Anyone having long delay's in txting?
  24. are the home/menu/back/search keys supposed to light up
  25. Facebook Mobile Upload
  27. Magnifying Glass
  28. How do I synch "All" contacts to my car via Blutooth?
  29. Friendstream
  30. VPN - Can't Connect
  31. Video of a few tips and tricks
  32. HELP!!!! changing download/install path for android marketplace
  33. all programs menu view
  34. USB Tethering Issue
  35. Can you remove Facebook friends from contacts?
  36. Text notifications on screen
  37. Hi EVO Geeks, Me included. I CAN NOT PUT THIS PHONE DOWN!!!!!
  38. Gmail not syncing
  40. awake phone
  41. How to change the calendar on existing appointments?
  42. anybody else having this problem?..
  43. Updating Location and Weather
  44. Downloading documents and putting them into folders
  45. Saved as draft folder.
  46. battery
  47. Mute or disable notification sounds entirely?
  48. Stop facebook birthdays on calender?[RESOLVED]
  49. free htc evo wifi tether
  50. LED Notification
  51. sync trouble with google calandar
  52. What kind of video files play on the EVO??
  53. Simplify Wake Up Steps on Sprint 4G HTC EVO
  54. Won't turn on again
  55. slow download speeds - EVO mobile hotspot?
  56. I lost my sense :(
  57. Different wallpaper for background & lockscreen
  58. Mount as Disk Drive?
  59. Notification Icons Guide
  60. backround
  61. How do I get movies with audio/video synced together
  62. Triangle above signal bars
  63. Problem playing videos (WMV)
  64. How to select multiple emails for deletion
  65. 'Brooking' Location
  66. Light leaking out the bottom
  67. Learning How To Use The Barcode Scanner So Your Phone Can Read URL
  68. Gmail sync problem
  69. How to set a text message notification to a custom ring tone
  70. You can't set individual text ringtones? Wow.
  71. how do i access files in different folders?
  72. How do I change a new folders background to a solid color?
  73. How to stay on AIM and be notifed of new AIMS???
  74. headphones jack thinks external speakers are headset
  75. Printing to network printer from EVO....
  76. [RESOLVED]: how to get rid of the UNMOUNTED SD CARd
  77. google goggles brings up a black screen.....and then does nothing
  78. Text files
  79. Roam only mode
  80. How do you turn off the alarm clock
  81. Text Message Timestamp Issue
  82. Double app icon
  83. Which mode at night?
  84. gmail issues...
  85. Double Twist works great for syncing music and videos to the Evo 4G
  86. .mp3's as text alerts?
  87. Xvid video
  88. Visual Voice Mail and Bluetooth
  89. Exchange email setup problem
  90. How do you send specific calls directly to voicemail?
  91. Quick way to exit an app?
  92. Notifications tone???
  93. how to flip the screen
  94. Root Access Without Rooting
  95. Exchange Folders Sync
  96. Notification sounds
  97. Downloading music
  98. Bluetooth
  99. Issue with In-Call Volume
  100. Editing bookmarks, having trouble!
  101. my contact card??
  102. Play WMV on EVO?
  103. How to change screen notification settings
  104. Email Causing Force Close
  105. text notification during a call???
  106. Favorites List
  107. Camera not working
  108. How do I delete or save over an existing scene?
  109. how to clean the screen
  110. Is there a special initial charge?
  111. Two separate gmail accounts on one page
  112. Still clumsy with the interface
  113. does anyone know how to change the keyboard
  114. Change Account Name on Exchange Email
  115. how to rid of vibration on the number pad
  116. Exchange / Facebook Contacts
  117. cant format the sdcard included
  118. How do I get text to speech to work?
  119. Adding SNES roms to the SD card? Please help
  120. Does anyone knowa better way to better search through contacts?
  121. LED Notification light... not functioning "properly"?
  122. gps restarting phone :'(
  123. What icon is this?
  124. HELP
  125. [RESOLVED]: Unable to send or receive text messages
  126. Do I have a bad battery?
  127. How to delete the apps that came on it like Amazon MP3 and stuff?
  128. bookmark screen, oops I deleted the pre installed bookmarks.
  129. Evo/Android unlock screen
  130. Where is the Qik Video chat?
  131. Removing facebook birthday from calendar app
  132. i am not able to setup a POP3 email account...
  133. facebook contacts
  134. hdmi freezing the evo
  135. Ohh. Some touchscreen issues..
  136. faulty headphone jack?
  137. Hotmail account
  138. Random apps freezing/closing.
  139. disabling flash content??
  140. How do you spellcheck texts?
  141. How to hard reset the HTC EVO 4G
  142. youtube vidz are not full screen
  143. Fuzzy Video
  144. Windows phone to Android Contacts swap?
  145. Setting custom text ringtones
  146. erasing apps on menu screen
  147. Bad speaker in my Evo?
  148. how do I select all emails in an account?
  149. Wifi Hotspot
  150. browser question
  151. free paid apps
  152. Sound garbled and video no worky
  153. Accessing pictures, ringtones, music, etc when connected to the computer
  154. email
  155. OMG NO NO NO...It's stuck
  156. How to use your new HTC EVO 4G - A Must See!
  157. delete Footsteps.....
  158. what is this?
  159. UPDATED: 4G toggle switch?
  160. Turn Off Phone Dialer Sound
  161. SD card question
  162. Using the native tethering app
  163. Quick question...
  164. How do you turn off notification light while charging?
  165. Two problems
  166. Anybody know how to put movies on evo?
  167. anyone having issues with Facebook friend stream?
  168. MSN messenger built in?
  169. closing apps
  170. Message notification sounds...
  171. How do you use .mp3 ringtones instead of the defaults?
  172. Phone Screen full of Facebook phone numbers?!?
  173. Default Sprint VM
  174. Help Me Please. Syncing, transferring pics/music, and calendar from Yahoo
  175. Error Code 67 when trying to HotSpot. Let the issues begin....
  176. Add a email account.
  177. Transition from Treo 755p to HTC EVO 4G?
  178. How to transfer contacts from Palm Pre
  179. How do I add more social network to the Friend Stream?
  180. Connecting my EVO to my car through aux input
  181. Evo User's Manual and Quick Start Guide
  182. User Manual now available
  183. MOVED: chargers with internal batteries (lithium)
  184. Removing-Inserting EVO microSD Card
  185. Thrid party apps
  186. How to extend battery life.
  187. How to install apps/games from your computer using Astro File Manager
  188. having issuew with the evo from google i/O
  189. Froyo on Evo? Can it be done without HTC releasing it?
  190. Movie Conversion
  191. Trick Hulu into running on Android 2.2
  192. How to turn off Sense UI on the Evo
  193. How to find your very own android phone (i wld go with the evo) lol