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: HTC Evo 4G Troubleshooting, Tips and Tricks

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  2. Link contacts to Facebook profile overrides "default" photo
  3. Notification Questions
  4. Can I change the Account Name on my Exchange ActiveSync e-mail account?
  5. Contacts Facebook Sync
  6. Apps to SD
  7. [RESOLVED]: explanation of opening screen symbols
  8. Content Downloaded
  9. Set Auto Shutdown of EVO
  10. update hosts file WITHOUT rooting ??
  11. calendar sync to google fails- google framework and google.process gapps crash
  12. Deleting Email Recipients History?
  14. Text messages out of order
  15. ::.. Hey EVO team...question about Palm Treo 755 vid's rollin' to EVO 4G..::
  16. sprint picture mail
  17. Wireless worked initially but not any more
  18. How to change email address linked to Market?
  19. Internet Issue
  20. Missing Synch and EVO Problem
  21. Video speed issues
  22. how do i....?
  23. How to silence non contact phone calls
  24. Can't get any voice recording apps to work.
  25. Mobile Network widget
  26. charger port broken
  27. mail attachments
  28. Low memory symbol not going away
  29. Make "Groups" default in People?
  30. Change name reported to wireless router
  31. recovering deleted apps.
  32. Help with contacts
  33. EVO makes me sound like I have a lisp when I shoot video of myself
  34. Speaker issue
  35. Phone Lock / Dial Pad Sound Volume
  36. Embedded Video in Facebook App 1.50
  37. Texting notifications
  38. unable to play flash content after update.
  39. Dictating Text Message Problem
  40. battery drain question
  41. group textin error
  42. how to recover deleted videos
  43. [RESOLVED]: can't uninstall apps
  44. Text messaging issue with Airwave in use
  45. bluetooth connectivity
  46. Issue with EVO...HELP!
  47. battery check
  48. please anyone help!
  49. [RESOLVED]Cannot set POP3 eMail
  50. HDMI to TV
  51. Apps Access to Contacts
  52. Deleted Email Keeps Returning
  53. Target device( VAIO vgn-fw290) refuses bluetooth connection.
  54. How do I convert amr to a mp4?
  55. Auto rotate - not rotating
  56. Keyboard and 3rd. party email forms
  57. Returning to home screen immediately after ending call
  58. DRM messages
  59. Please Help Me With Some General Music Questions?
  60. E-Mail and Notification Question
  61. How to read ebooks in jar format???
  62. Won't get past 4G animation screen?
  63. Email Sync on Command Only?
  64. Calendar
  65. Call history to text message
  66. Shorter Startup????
  67. Flash Problems
  68. Sms Signatures
  69. [RESOLVED]: Email Synch - VZ and Evo
  70. [Help] How to put HTC EVO as dial up modem (not tethering)
  71. QiK help Can't connect
  72. [RESOLVED]: Cant connect to wfi
  73. battery life is really starting to suck!
  74. NFL Game Center
  75. Please Read! Screwed up ringtone settings!
  76. messaging passcode
  77. Another Google Contacts Sync issue
  78. evo problem... cant figure out what to do
  79. Please pull my old qwerty (swype ) back
  80. web to SD Card
  81. Keeps showing wrong time and place??
  82. Unwanted pic saved to all Audio files
  83. sprint finds solution?
  84. Setting vibration for all but one contact?
  85. Questions regarding notification and ininstalling apps
  86. Calender reminder in task bar ??????
  87. sending video to an e-mail
  88. Can you check text message history?
  89. Big problems with my Evo
  90. Set text message to default to mobile?
  91. Password for Text Msgs?
  93. new charging issues after recent sprint update
  94. HTC EVO as a webcam.... ? Is that possible?
  95. Evo won't mount as disk drive
  96. Contacts from Palm Pre to Evo - Error Message
  97. How do you update a root security certificate?
  98. Most annoying issue with my HTC EVO and Froyo
  99. Windows Media Player sync
  100. Can't find preferences/number of screen area
  101. Can the EVO instantly notify me when email received?
  102. Need help with editing contacts
  103. Attachments are 0KB but only when sent from Opera's mail client
  104. nothing is working but internet
  105. Random Restarts!!!
  106. car panel "getting driving directions"
  107. new to evo and two big problems! battery (i know) and text messages
  108. [RESOLVED]: hdmi HELP!
  109. Moving text streams to new phone
  110. Trouble with Micro USB port.
  111. when doing a reset
  112. Can you connect the evo to the computer for long recordings?
  113. Qik videos and Facebook
  114. Can't delete phantom e-mail. E-mail appearing under wrong account.
  115. Anyway I can video chat with iphone/ipod 4 users?
  116. clock widget not showing weather at all?
  117. Email Messages - Mark All Read
  118. How do I use the Hotspot feature? It asks for my passcode...which one is that?
  119. random pictures
  120. I am thinking about doing a factory reset
  121. Create your own EVO Extended Battery for Cheap...
  122. Notifications question....
  123. [RESOLVED]: Weather won't
  124. [RESOLVED]: How to turn off SMS and Voicemail popup
  125. How to pair evo to BMW
  126. Volume setting changes to vibrate by itself
  127. Sync Calendar not showing under Data and Synchronization
  128. Unable to send pictures with text messages
  129. Transferring between old evo to new evo
  130. Bluetooth will pair, but not connect
  131. Music player skips from song 49 to 51
  132. Exchange Email Contacts Sync Problem
  133. How do I access downloaded Powerpoint files?
  134. google skymap update will NOT install
  135. [RESOLVED]: Volume too loud when talking on the phone
  136. How do you delete download history
  137. Contacts not
  138. EVO- How to look up contacts without scrolling?
  139. Help
  140. Notification Sounds
  141. [RESOLVED]: Removing notification icons?
  142. Camera Issues?
  143. SD card locked when phone connects to PC
  144. MMS/Mizxing Help
  145. Questions (I did search LOL!!) Long post sorry!
  146. HDMI output non working on media players (only on stock player)
  147. Is it possible to delete/remove one of the screens on an EVO?
  148. can not hear
  149. The Dreaded Suspend Process
  150. Vibration on call
  151. Evo 4G LED Lights
  152. Can't Sync Google Contacts
  153. Phone Trouble
  154. HTC Sync- "Mobile Connection Timed Out"
  155. missing apps
  156. White text on dark background?
  157. text messages not sending sometimes
  158. Transfer of Movies
  159. Screen Lock Stops Working
  160. phone calls are silenced even when it's turned up on full volume
  161. Seeing Contact Addresses
  162. Battery dies fast help..
  163. Outlook recurring events - How do stop reminders I don't want?
  164. Text Messages...
  165. Memory near all gone, in the mail
  166. No notification sound on "2nd" e-mail account.
  167. 2hr old phone and locks up several times
  168. Add a city to the stock weather widget?
  169. How to Change Contact Photo's Instead of Using Facebook
  170. evo bogged down/running slow. any suggestions to help speed it up? (stock evo)
  171. Helicopter noise? or something like that.
  172. [RESOLVED]: Clock/Weather Home Widget Problem
  173. on Watchdog Task Manager
  174. Hotmail as ActiveSync (Hotmail workaround)
  175. [RESOLVED]: Not receiving Gmail Notifications
  176. Uploading Multiple Photos Using Facebook App
  177. I need help!!!
  178. Way to get pics to show all when set as wallpaper
  179. Not receiving Texts and Calls from one person?
  180. text selection does not work anymore
  181. Font Size
  182. Downloading Videos & Pictures from EVO to MACBOOK
  183. Brand new phone. < 1 Week old. Stopped Charging.
  184. Need help setting up 'Aflac email account' on Evo.
  185. Erase #s
  186. Text nofication sound
  187. change fonts
  188. HELP :(
  189. How to set-up "Enter" to send, while texting
  190. How to change mp3 jpeg photo
  191. RR Email and Wifi
  192. Editing Contacts on PC
  193. Gmail showing other email accounts
  194. Wifi connection problems
  195. not receiving picture text msgs
  196. resending sent text messages
  197. Anyone have problem w/Gmail & Docs sync?
  198. Resetting while in emails....
  199. Camera turns on after unlocking
  200. front lights
  201. Latest update
  202. Can't delete a "flashlight" app from the marketplace...
  203. Unsent text messages???
  204. Need Help is anyone out there
  205. Multiple images in text messages?
  206. text messages
  207. My phone is only working in speakerphone mode...
  208. Mail app not syncing with server
  209. enlarge text
  210. uploading music directly from phone
  211. [RESOLVED]: "ask me about USB" not working
  212. Unable to send AOL email
  213. searching contacts via information other than their name only
  214. Dial using only 4 digits of phone number
  215. [RESOLVED]: can't find downloade pdf files
  216. Market wont open
  217. 2 Questions from an EVO Newbie
  218. How To Remove Stock Apps...Low Internal Memory
  219. phone storage is low- what uses phone storage besides apps ?
  220. Wifi and data
  221. How to text?
  222. Phonebook
  223. Different notifications tones??
  224. Force Close: Google Apps Uploader (Solution Found)
  225. No audio with Qik video chat
  226. The power/lock stuck?
  227. Issues with Hotmail
  228. forwarding multiple texts to email
  229. Weather will not update automatically
  230. cant turn vibrate off
  231. My Evo Is Lagging...Don't Know Why
  232. help!!!
  233. gmail stopped syncing
  234. error code 67 registration failure
  235. Rearranging Bookmarks in stock widget
  236. Headphone SMS disable when on call
  237. picture message
  238. [RESOLVED]: Bookmark Icons
  239. Evo Hotspot problem on laptop. please help
  240. pop up txt msg
  241. How to Emulate Different Browsers?
  242. Seidio 3500 mAh - Phone Restarting?
  243. [RESOLVED]: When I record a video with EVO, there's no sound when I play it back.
  244. Speaker
  245. Downloaded app, now screen is blank.....
  246. Setting up google account to get to Market
  247. Web pages don't load over 4g
  248. Notification screen..
  249. Extended Home Screens
  250. security on my new EVO