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: HTC Evo 4G Troubleshooting, Tips and Tricks

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  1. How do switch b/n screens like Palm Pre?
  2. Cannot Find GPS locator after the update
  3. playing fb and yahoo vids
  4. [RESOLVED]: Screen timeout not remembering my preference
  6. shake to shuffle?
  7. Evo bluetooth tether and incoming calls issue
  8. [RESOLVED]: Home and Search buttons stop working periodically?
  10. notification/ringtones/audio/music trouble
  11. [RESOLVED]: Missing GPS Toggle
  12. Videos are on their sides!
  13. Moving emails to folders while reading message
  14. How to clear notification alerts without entering application...
  15. How to download videos from evo 4g to your pc
  16. Phone Deleted Files
  17. HTC weather updating?
  18. bluetooth problem
  19. youtube problem
  20. * Loose usb/charging plug causing problems *
  21. Color ID for evo?
  22. 4g Widget Turns off 3g?
  23. Phone Keeps Restarting Itself
  24. Mobile Hot Spot App
  25. Viewing signal strength
  26. Increase MMS Limit
  27. voice actions force closing when trying to send text
  28. using bluetooth headset/hands free for audio other than phone calls....
  29. Phone boook search
  30. headphone button
  31. home screen lag
  32. No way to assign ringtone to different call types (eg. unknown caller, family,)
  33. close app on my evo
  34. Moving multiple icons
  35. Video chat for Dummies?
  36. Picture messages show up as Anonymous.
  37. HTC Sync
  38. a few text message and lag questions
  39. Taging photos on Facebook
  40. [RESOLVED]: Ok Widgets Jammed and Phone Not Charging
  41. Video download on Evo
  42. Problems with ESPN3 live.
  43. Google Talk Notifications after 2.2 update
  44. SMS Messages sending automatically
  45. Location not setting right, and city search not working.
  46. weather update lag ?
  47. Call waiting not showing name in contact
  48. Increase Interal Memory...
  50. Weird problem with MMS......Sprint no help.
  51. Wifi/mobile network
  52. Service error message
  53. RemoteDroid and Gmote not working
  54. How do i change the Nat on free wireless tethering so xbox live works?
  55. edit the share menu?
  56. Scratched kickstand
  57. Stop deleting emails
  58. Delete recent navigation history
  59. A little help please
  60. Sending pics to AT&T users
  61. Can't answer phone when Ringing
  62. Editing Favorites to remove facebook pictures
  63. locked pad
  64. Strong Signal but No Data?
  65. People App Lagging : l
  66. E-mail notifications
  67. Internet favorites
  68. HTC Sync issues, plus outlook calendar compatibility problems
  69. FACEBOOK (full site)
  70. Contacts being randomly deleted
  71. Multiple Calendars
  72. Need help with EVO and Mac
  73. incoming calls and pandora
  74. Device configuration
  75. Pre named Folders
  76. Create a “Go Home” Shortcut for Google Maps Navigation
  77. How to turn Bluetooth on and off during call
  78. Auto-Rotate not working
  79. Show Pictures Through HDMI on TV
  80. Written Message Notification---How do I disable???
  81. keyboad additional languages
  82. Htc Evo Webcam?
  83. using my Bluetooth
  84. Samsung Airave and Evo 4G - Weather Shows Wrong City
  85. Cant Download Paid Apps.
  86. Can't hear callers but they can hear me
  87. Can't get froyo 2.2 keyboard, don't know why
  88. EVO won't stay "asleep"
  89. No audio with video received through MMS
  90. [RESOLVED]: Where is HTC scene large Desk Clock icon?
  91. Saving additional speed dials?
  92. Hello All
  93. Fast Battery Drain After Unplugging
  94. how do you lower your internet security setings as low as possible on ur evo?
  95. Persistent "missed call" indicator
  96. What and where is the "Browser".
  97. Double Tap Zoom Issue?
  98. Gmail/Youtube Sync error?
  99. [Resolved]Favorites Widget - some of my contacts photos are gone?
  100. sign-in error for Gmail Google account
  101. How to rename a Folder?
  102. Full Facebook Site
  103. Convertive 3gp Files
  104. How do I backup my settings ?
  105. How change Bookmarks to list view, not thumbnails ?
  106. phone doesnt recognize HDMI output
  107. Ever since 2.2 update, text screen freezes up
  108. Yet another facebook sync question. My apologies in advance.
  109. texting a photo?
  110. [RESOLVED]: My EVO thinks it's 100 miles away!
  111. Force closing a lot after froyo 2.2
  112. Need understand unchecking "enable always-on-mobile data"
  113. Email downloaded to Evo disappears
  114. handcent randomly changes my notification sound on its own
  115. Incoming Calls Not Coming Through
  116. music times out when navigation speaks
  117. Wifi broken
  118. gif animations...
  119. delet pdf documents
  120. Android marketplace items having unsuccessful downloads
  121. Sending Messages to Contact Numbers
  122. Text Question
  123. My Evo is charging really slowly
  124. Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync... HELP!
  125. [Resolved] Restoring multi site Web launcher
  126. [RESOLVED]: G Calibration problem?
  127. no more internet dialing?
  128. Unlocking phone, tired of the moving clouds on my screen
  129. downloading pictures from phone to pc
  130. messaging not working
  131. How Do I Use My EVO to video chat with friends that have a webcam on the PC?
  132. all programs running
  133. sd card not visibleI
  134. how to turn off phone dial pad vibration
  135. deleting phone contacts
  136. Deleted emails keep showing up in Inbox
  137. Bluetooth not connecting
  138. Links using Chrome to phone
  139. [RESOLVED]: My EVO seems to be slowing down. Especially keyboard response when typing fast.
  140. vChat with HTC Evo
  141. Video wont playback or record
  142. Sprint Radio, Stations not loading.
  143. ringtone now rings solidly (constant) when I get a call...
  144. Notification plays during phone call.
  145. Text Message Notifications
  146. Evo crashes my WiFi everytime
  147. Calendar sync problem.
  148. bluetooth headset issue
  149. mail server not working correctly
  150. Notification sounds issue
  151. Monitoring home net-cam ~ installing ActiveX
  152. How to delete unwanted email attachments?
  153. .wav files
  154. People Contacts Simple & Easy
  155. Duplicate Contacts (Help Please)
  156. Just did the latest update...
  157. static noise
  158. Issue with touch screen since installing 2.2
  159. Sprint HotSpot Service
  160. Fix time zone?
  161. USB Connection Type problem
  162. Can't open email attatchments
  163. [RESOLVED]: Display lock
  164. HDMI out for Slideshows
  165. Where are these pictures coming from........
  166. Where are drafts stored and how do I get back to them?
  167. [RESOLVED]: i want lock my EVO 4g!! how???
  168. Ringtones
  169. Every Single app i try to download is "unsuccsessful"?
  170. Any way to turn Wifi off when the screen is off?
  171. i am getting frequent force closes in a variety of apps that turn screen black
  172. camera just flashes red
  173. [RESOLVED]: How does one forward a text mesage?
  174. Help! All text messages gone!
  175. How to change icons
  176. Creating folders?
  177. live camera not showing
  178. Phone applications keep running in the background
  179. How to put a digital copy dvd on my EVO
  180. ends call when screen locks??
  181. using kickstand to hold phone
  182. Using hotspot
  183. Google mail registers twice on my EVO
  184. Media deleted out of nowhere?
  185. [RESOLVED]: Flickr problem with account
  186. attach a hypertext in default messages app?
  187. voicemail
  188. [Resolved] HTC EVO Voicemail
  189. How do i a backup my contacts with google
  190. A gmail issue
  191. fring vidoe chat
  192. How do I get the pics from phone to computer
  193. marketplace downloads
  194. How To Clean The Non-Screen Parts?
  195. Need Calendar, Memos & Contacts from Blackberry to Evo-HELP!!!!!!
  196. Can't display video?
  197. Internet Sharing
  198. Sprint Nav Crashes before reaching destination
  199. Disappearing E-mail
  200. [Resolved] Hearing background music from my EVO - even when listening to MP3s.
  201. [RESOLVED]: How do I empty the email trash folder?
  202. Removing icons
  203. Alarm not working
  205. After updating to 2.2 my hotspot wont work...any1 else having the same problem
  206. No internet service? WTF
  207. How do you create additional folders for Email in the EVO 4G
  208. voice dial doesn't wk after 2.2 update
  209. E-mails from I phone dont come through
  210. POST 2.2 Update and Choppy Video Playback
  211. Google Calendar
  212. How to change the Scroll bar side
  213. missing installed applications in android market after Froyo 2.2 install
  214. stop the vibrating when on a call
  215. [RESOLVED]: Please help me with homepage setting!
  216. bluetooth earpiece wierdness
  217. Google Calendar History
  218. Automatic brightness Question/Problem
  219. Delays in mail from gmail account
  220. Disable stock sms
  221. PRL code
  222. Delay whenever I hit the back key
  223. [Resolved] 2.2 text alert while in calls! Help....
  224. How to get rid of the contact card
  225. Sorry This Video Cant Play?
  226. moving apps to sd card
  227. How to sync ALL contacts..
  228. [Resolved] How do i change Exchange signature?
  229. Keeps connecting as disk drive even though it says charge only.
  231. No Internet Access
  232. Changing a calender event on EVO deletes my notes
  233. what happend to my music after 2.2?
  234. Duplicate Contact with Facebook/Froyo update
  235. Serious Keyboard Lag with 2.2
  236. [RESOLVED]: Sprint TV Error - you are not authorized to use this application. - Fixed
  237. Song for incoming calls?
  238. Alarm clock
  239. Using different typing languages simultaneously
  240. how to keep the screen on with mixzing??
  241. Ever since froyo Android Browser won't work
  242. [RESOLVED]: SD card problem. Please help!
  243. Navigation/GPS issues
  244. Notification sound not going off for every received text message
  245. Swype not compatible with 3.26.651.6?
  246. Edit the User Dictionary?
  247. EVO 4G Sync with Outlook 2007 mail
  248. Hot swap is heating me up
  249. Highight, Copy and Paste Text
  250. Troubleshooting browser