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: HTC Evo 4G Reviews, pictures, and video

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  16. UFO video captured with an Evo
  17. My Evo Thoughts
  18. Is there a way to change the light on the camera so it won't be so bright?
  19. picture of the moon
  20. Is it me or does the 720p video recording has skipping playback??
  21. I got a lighting caught on video with my EVO
  22. No more waiting.
  23. FINALLY!!!!
  24. Finally after 20 days!
  25. HTC EVO 4G underwater
  26. EVO 4G is a new favorite business accessory at Baynetwork Inc.
  27. I got it!!
  28. Another Biased Comparison against the EVO
  29. this is how I feel
  30. Pictures and videos from renfaire
  31. Black and white Evo. Got to see this!
  32. My Review Of The EVO 4G
  33. Recording video in HD
  34. Yesterday, in the mail
  35. CNET Prizefight
  36. MOVED: Just got mine!
  37. i love my white evo!
  38. how can i transfer pics from the camera to my PC? [RESOLVED]
  39. the evo has let me down big time!
  40. Video I just uploaded on youtube of the stallion. Check it out
  41. Hilarios EVO vs Iphone 4
  42. VOTE FOR EVO!!
  43. iPhone 4 vs. HTC EVO 4G Speed Test
  44. An Objective, Unbiased Review of the Evo and Its Main Competitors
  45. SLAM CRASH BANG test passed with *flying* colors
  46. Limited Edition White HTC EVO 4G at Best Buy
  47. Coming from a Blackberry Bold
  48. My 12 day ordeal is FINALLY OVER!
  49. HTC EVO 4G Review
  50. Unresponsive Evo screens.
  51. Another I got mine
  52. Perfect or Tech Issues?
  53. yesterday i died and went to heaven!
  54. I reviewed the EVO on my blog. It's a "new" kind of review. Comparatively.
  56. I got mine!!
  57. Goodbye 3GS, **** NO on iPhone 4, and HELLO SEXY EVO!
  58. I LUV MY EVO
  59. Got mine last night!
  60. Beautiful!
  61. Another ex Iphone user review
  62. 30 Days to decide
  63. june 4 th @ 7pm
  64. the Pocket Escalade
  65. Goodbye Instinct.....Hello EVO
  66. Got Mine Friday
  67. evo's FIRST tv debut
  68. Goodbye Pre, hello EVO!
  69. Just got mine, activating as you read!
  70. Got mine !Good bye Pre
  71. It blows away everything!
  72. worst experience on buying my phone turned out good though
  73. I think I may have been the first in KC
  74. Evo on the Home Shopping Network?
  75. Got mine on Friday and completely obsessed with it!
  76. Just picked mine up from Radio Shack, last one...
  78. I got mine!!!
  79. Who spent the most money to obtain an Evo?
  80. Fine!!
  81. Got Mine. No Line, Love my Evo!!!
  82. Coolest thing ever!
  83. No line at radio shack
  84. How long did you wait?
  85. Is the Evo worth the full price or not?
  86. ONLY TOOK 4 HRS.....BUT I GOT 2!
  87. The wait was Agonizing, but absolutely worth it!!!
  88. 500 bucks later i got the evo
  89. Got mine!
  90. I <3 my Evo!
  91. 3 hr wait this morning, but got mine! WOOOT
  92. A reivew from an iphone user
  93. Wow what a phone
  94. Way cool
  95. simply amazing
  96. Picked mine up first thing this morning
  97. How?
  98. Could hardly sleep last night!
  99. It's TOO SMART!!!!
  100. WOW 3 hrs?
  101. using it to post
  102. Got Mine (Finally)
  103. long time to charge?
  104. The Wait is OVER!!
  105. I feel like a Noob
  106. 3 and a half hours later, I gots my baby :D
  107. got mine, and using
  108. im so excited n i cant hide it
  109. Got mine!
  110. Just got 3 today!
  111. It's pretty neat
  112. On my way
  113. Worth the Long Line
  114. i got mine
  115. This phone is awesome!
  116. West coast LA roll out -- I got mine.
  117. Heyyyy!!!!! I got mine also
  119. I got mine otw.
  120. Got to my Sprint at 3 am....
  121. Got it at 8am and its now dead battery lol
  122. My turn!
  123. In awe
  124. This thing is wicked cool
  125. FYI: Not too big...
  126. GOT IT LOVE IT !!!!
  127. GOT IT
  128. EVO is home w/pics
  129. Early Bird Got the EVO!
  130. yahooooooooo evoooooo
  131. I got mine!
  132. Got mine at 8 o'clock woohoo
  133. Went on Sprint site to order!
  134. just got home with mine!
  135. Accessories.....
  136. got mine @ 6
  137. Posting from my Evo!
  138. Got mine at 6
  139. Got Mine!
  140. I don't technically have mine yet...but I paid & played on it!
  141. Share Your Joy!
  142. We Want Your Opinions!
  143. HTC EVO 4G Commercial "First"
  144. Review
  145. Another review
  146. Unboxing video made in Mexico City.
  147. A very well written review of the Evo
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