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  31. can't log in in my phone keyboard doesn't work
  32. Auto
  33. Sprint Misinformation
  34. blinking light problem
  35. I'm out of here!
  36. google play
  37. Huge problem with phone
  38. 2big problems evo
  39. How to send text with pictures.
  40. white htc evo 4g screen
  41. No More 4G for Sprint...for real?
  42. Rant
  43. delete my account
  44. Locating my iphone with my evo 4g
  45. battery life after last update
  46. Slow data speeds with Sprint
  47. Overheating-redux. Third time.
  48. Sprint being nice!!!!!!
  49. Sprints Buyback... A Gimmick!!??
  50. Will the EVO Saga ever come out with a quadcore???
  51. Data sucks, PRL and Profile updates.
  52. cracked screen!!! ahhh!!
  53. Phone call on hold
  54. EVO will restart while on the phone
  55. sd card blank or has unsupported filesystem?
  56. phone powers on and shuts off automatically
  57. Evo #4...
  58. Nascar application
  59. Big honkin network issues. REALLY bad in Chicago.
  60. Wtf.. Anyone a best buy guru here?
  61. Latest update
  62. Evo 4g texting problem
  63. Sprint store
  64. question/concern/rant about the Evo 3D here on GD
  65. Sad :'(
  66. personal ringtones
  67. Today I hate this phone
  68. Sites Close!
  69. HDMI to micro HDMI connector?
  70. Who owns this site?
  71. Car dock charging issues
  72. GingerBread WHEN?!?
  73. Streaming video
  74. Can I change my dictionary choice of ill
  75. sd memory card
  76. Anyone had battery problems??
  77. my evo problems
  78. Htc evo programming instructions and codes for page plus service
  79. roaming and evo
  80. Miscommunication or am I being lied to?
  82. Mobile version of forum
  83. Twice the crap
  84. Call waiting--any other android Phone call manager apps?
  86. Sick of my EVO
  87. I don't think Sprint knows about the Evo's problems
  88. Not much to vent
  89. Hard reset gone wrong..
  90. Finally a good Evo
  91. Nigerian Scammers on this website?
  92. What the heck am I paying for ??
  93. Evo & Sprint Issues....
  94. Volume Feedback on keyboard
  95. Smart Phone ? I think not !!
  96. New Phone/3 problems
  97. are american government stinks
  98. sprint knows the Evo is faulty
  99. when calling Iphones
  100. HTC EVO Shift is more like HTC EVO ****
  101. Glue smudge on Evo Screen
  102. youtube video rarely works
  103. Video chat is useless
  104. Cut Off Voice Calls
  105. My Evo...Sunrise June 12, 2010 - Sunset January 21, 2011
  106. changing colors on this forum
  107. Evo phone is great, but 4G part is not.
  108. Suspended
  109. Excuses, excuses, excuses...
  111. Sprint hiking data fee on smart phones by $10
  112. Justifiable homicide
  113. Phone gets hot while talking
  114. love the sinner. hate the sin.
  115. Phone screen in a black and white tint!? Any ideas on what's going on?
  116. [RESOLVED]: Is it REALLY the battery?????
  117. White spot on my Screen?
  118. handcent msgs deleted
  119. What the **** kind of a bulletin board is this?
  120. Sprint's 4G Coverage Maps - Bogus?
  121. Netflix
  122. Replacement Phones
  123. Landscape View?
  124. Love the Evo4g, but....
  125. Day one ripping hair out!!!
  126. Memory ... The Lie
  127. ****.
  128. Adventures with outsourced Sprint CS
  129. EVO keeps deleting my pictures!!!
  130. sharing youtube videos with facebook
  131. Privacy Screen/Touch Settings
  132. 4G Network in Burnsville, Mn
  133. Seriously disappointed new user
  134. Best Buy Insurance / Geek Squad is crap! - I MISS MY EVO!!
  135. where to complain about mobile phone carriers
  136. Deleted History but Back button still remembers
  137. Sprint Techs and "Repairs"
  138. 4g in Sacramento
  139. Why would an admin purposely edit my post
  140. Email editing, editing forwarded message/ quoted message body in forwarded email
  141. Refurbished phone as a re placement
  142. closed caption
  143. choppy live wallpaper
  144. Aurgument with Sprint last night about data plans and being capped
  145. ARGH, friggin apps and spam!
  146. cant watch movies on evo
  148. rebuying apps on the market due to having a replaced phone
  149. Neverending problems!!!
  150. Video email on HTC Evo is a joke
  151. HTC Evo Cant Play an Entire MMS Message like a Cheaper Phone Could!
  152. Video Mailing, picture Settings.
  153. Sprint 3G is SLOWWWWW!
  154. Forum Rules and Multi posts
  155. DirecTV sux unwashed bison taint, THEY'RE DROPPING G4!!!
  156. return EVO to store or craigslist it?
  157. I'm calling Bull (Rant warning)
  158. Sprint Rant, not Evo issue...
  159. Keyboard is slowww.
  160. Skype Video. I want!
  161. Any way to still read texts after being deleted?
  162. New user is frustrated
  163. downloading apps so slow?
  164. thank you
  165. why does everyone call it 4g?
  166. problems since update
  167. Swype Debacle
  168. boooo evo and sending videos via messages
  169. Spelling Check!
  170. Nokia 5800 VS HTC Evo
  171. Instant Nofication
  172. Anyone else's g-map going to Africa?
  173. Orientation Issue
  174. Who is to blame Sprint HTC EVO or Direct TV?
  175. EVO Rebooting problem getting worse.
  176. Browser History
  177. Dust and your Evo
  178. My poor evo
  179. This forum and Firefox
  180. Phone Blinks on and off when texting and automatically send texts sometimes
  181. When the phone rings...
  182. how does the battery only last that long
  183. android market pales in comparison to apple app store
  184. Apps using camera
  185. Video Chat with who?
  186. EVO4gforum Website isn't secure when logging in!
  187. Posting Video to Facebook
  188. Battery Life
  189. poor evo media volume
  190. Network Issues!!!
  192. HTC Branded Cases
  193. Sprint just got a new shipment
  194. It's Official: Sprint employees will lie to you
  195. force close
  196. won't f&cking dial
  197. Can't Find An EVO
  198. Exchange availability for faulty ear piece
  199. Tired of waiting
  200. Unable to dial 911
  201. EVOless
  202. multi tasking?
  203. Package Theif?
  204. You try to help people and then..
  205. Smartphone addiction, part deux: Acceptance is the cure (Lol this is so tru)
  206. A lot dissapoionted
  207. Head phone on my evo a problem or just me ?
  208. what would u title this
  209. D*mn Vet Traumatized My Cat. :(
  210. Forum - exclamation (or any punctuation?) points in URL's do not convert!
  211. The official 30fps cap complaint thread!
  213. Defective Accessories
  214. Phone issues
  215. Today's pet peeve
  216. Did Sprint rush the 2.2 upgrade?
  217. Availability
  218. icons
  219. Hate my sprint service
  220. Just one of those days...
  221. [RESOLVED]: "Your session timed out while posting"
  222. Phone User Guide
  223. Wii Remote Bluetooth issue not fixed in 2.2?!?
  224. ARGH! I should have left well enough alone
  225. GAH.
  226. A little disappointed.
  227. Why are all these apps running?!?!?
  228. Sprint charge for what should be free......
  229. Grr..
  230. Disappointed with 2.2
  231. First EVO going back
  232. Premium Data Services Justifications
  233. cant see recent posts!
  234. sprint nav
  235. Block Text
  236. just got my second EVO
  237. WHAT. THE. ****.
  238. This forum - How to + Tips and Tricks should be merged!
  239. HDMI output & Slingbox Mobile
  240. Shattered, yes shattered, screen
  241. Broken micro USB port on phone - phone not charging
  242. No 4G where Sprint says there is 4G...
  243. Stupid Sprint Tab
  244. EVO's SD card is forcing me to get rid of MacBookPro
  245. Flash is ruining my pics!!!!
  246. Zoom on webpages
  247. I am not digging Android Weather
  248. What's Up With...
  249. Friggin Verizon! Friggin FedEx! Friggin Walgreens!
  250. Blowing off steam