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I have great privilege to serve
experience that this is a print this initially will be valuable were actually so many thanks to you to Katie for your leadership I it so hard to know where to begin revolver because this is rich black messy yet fascinating and thrilling venture world tobacco free yet this is a critical health policy the fortune heart up given that it's not typically seen as cue issue if not an immediate health threat outside the health service so getting campus said University speaking on this yet over the years I've been spending about years working on tobacco policy I become so fully committed to the elimination tobacco from our university not only ride it's one of these things John were talking earlier the more you know you can't turn back not critical health threat for its shifted are vision **** not only while they’re on campus throughout by so this to me critical this year I have great privilege to serve the American College to clarify we have institution nation ache demonstrated leadership she started position set are its are Clear smoke useful document and college health we have always known value prevention doesn't work said this level national level focused college demonstrates not only with forward earlier but impact the college population has help nation we have an opportunity to reach critical polished.
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